Dairy Farm Worker Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Canada, known for its breathtaking landscapes and friendly people, also boasts a robust dairy industry. Shylane Holsteins Inc., a leading player in this sector, offers an enticing opportunity for Dairy Farm Workers from around the world. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the life of a Dairy Farm Worker at Shylane Holsteins Inc. in Canada, focusing on the details, responsibilities, and benefits of this unique career path.

Jobs Details:

  • Jobs Role: Dairy Farm Worker Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship
  • Company: Shylane Holsteins Inc.
  • Location: Stratford, ON
  • No. of Vacancies: 6
  • Salary: CAD 20-CAD 40 Per Hour
  • CountryCanada

Shylane Holsteins Inc.: A Glimpse into Excellence

At Shylane Holsteins Inc., excellence is a tradition. Established in 1980, this dairy farm has grown to become an industry leader, known for its commitment to top-tier cattle breeding and the production of high-quality milk. Situated in the heart of Canada, this family-owned and operated farm is a testament to the Canadian spirit of hard work, dedication, and innovation.

Why Choose Shylane Holsteins Inc.?

When it comes to dairy farming, Shylane Holsteins Inc. stands out in more ways than one:

  1. World-class Facilities: The farm boasts state-of-the-art facilities designed to ensure the health and comfort of the cattle.
  2. Commitment to Sustainability: Shylane Holsteins Inc. is dedicated to sustainable farming practices, making it an ideal workplace for environmentally conscious individuals.
  3. Visa Sponsorship: This is a rare opportunity for individuals seeking to work in Canada as Dairy Farm Workers, as the farm offers visa sponsorship.
  4. Community Atmosphere: The warm and welcoming atmosphere at Shylane Holsteins Inc. makes it feel like a second home.

The Role of a Dairy Farm Worker

As a Dairy Farm Worker at Shylane Holsteins Inc., your role is both rewarding and essential to the farm’s success. Here’s what you can expect:

Daily Care of Cattle

Your primary responsibility will be taking care of the farm’s prized Holstein cows. This includes feeding, milking, and ensuring their well-being.

Facility Maintenance

Dairy farming requires meticulous maintenance of facilities. You’ll be involved in cleaning, repairing, and improving the infrastructure.

Data Management

Modern dairy farming relies on data to optimize operations. You’ll contribute to data collection and analysis.

Breeding Assistance

Shylane Holsteins Inc. is known for its breeding program. You’ll assist in breeding activities to maintain the farm’s high-quality genetics.

Sustainability Initiatives

The farm places a strong emphasis on sustainability. As a worker, you’ll play a part in eco-friendly practices.

Quality Control

Ensuring the milk produced is of the highest quality is crucial. You’ll participate in quality control processes.

The Path to Visa Sponsorship

One of the most attractive aspects of working at Shylane Holsteins Inc. is the opportunity for visa sponsorship. Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial Employment: You start as a Dairy Farm Worker under a temporary work permit.
  2. Proving Your Worth: As you gain experience and showcase your dedication, the farm may choose to sponsor you for permanent residency.
  3. A Bright Future: With permanent residency, you open the door to a bright future in Canada, with various benefits and opportunities for you and your family.


Embarking on a career as a Dairy Farm Worker at Shylane Holsteins Inc. in Canada with visa sponsorship is a life-changing opportunity. You’ll be part of a close-knit community, working amidst the stunning Canadian landscapes while contributing to the dairy industry’s growth. Join Shylane Holsteins Inc. and make your mark in the world of dairy farming!


Q: How can I apply for a Dairy Farm Worker position at Shylane Holsteins Inc.?

A: You can apply through the official website or by contacting the farm directly.

Q: Is prior experience in dairy farming necessary?

A: While experience is beneficial, Shylane Holsteins Inc. provides training to new employees.

Q: What are the working hours?

A: Dairy farming often involves early mornings and long hours to ensure the cattle’s well-being.

Q: Are there opportunities for career advancement?

A: Yes, the farm values growth and offers opportunities for advancement.

Q: What is the salary range for Dairy Farm Workers?

A: Salaries vary based on experience and responsibilities but are competitive.

Q: Is it a family-friendly workplace?

A: Shylane Holsteins Inc. prides itself on being family-friendly and welcoming to all.


Job Category: Agriculture Jobs
Job Type: Freelance
Job Location: Stratford ON

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