Charles V. G. Ganda

ICT Professional (Systems/Networks/Infrastructure/Telecoms)
  • Monrovia, Liberia
  • January 24, 2024

I am an ICT Professional with 17+ years of practical experience in Systems, Networks, Infrastructure, and bit of TeleComs.


My record of academic achievements and years of professional and managerial career history, demonstrate attributes that makes me a valuable employee. I am an excellent candidate for this role as it closely matches my skills and experience.


My CV enclosed provides you details of my skills, qualifications, experience and accomplishments, but I am certain that a personal interview would more fully reveal my desire and ability to contribute to your institution.

I have the experience, skills and managerial ability to work alone and in a team.


My expertise is, as well, in the Installation of Local & Wide Area Networks (LAN & WAN), WiFi, IP-PBX, IP surveillance Cameras (CCTV), VMware, Network Infrastructure and Security.


I Manage the installation and configuration of Windows Server, Domain Controller, Active Directory Users and Computers, Office 365, etc.


My qualification and successful practical experience of 17+ years in the field of 'ICT' & Telecoms is of value to serve others & bring innovation to your establishment.


Besides my skills, qualifications, I have the qualities of a leader; I am enthusiastic, dedicated to duty, and can interact very well in diverse environment. I am multitasking and can work hard to meet tight deadlines. Over the years I have worked in teams; I possess the qualities of a good team member/leader. I am willing to accept all the responsibilities associated with this position.

Phone Number
+231 777 670690

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