Renato Hernandez

Experienced Swine/Pig Technician
Experienced Swine/Pig Technician
  • Labo, Philippines
  • April 6, 2024

Skills and Abilities
1. Animal Husbandry
2. Reproduction Management
3. Health Monitoring
4. Artificial Insemination
5. Facility Maintenance
6. Record Keeping
8. Problem Solving
9. Communication Skills
10.Physical Fitness

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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education @ Camarines Norte State College
Jun 2024 — Apr 2007

A Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education with a major in Animal Science and a minor in Crop Science is a comprehensive program that provides students with a strong foundation in agricultural principles, practices, and technologies.

The Animal Science major focuses on the study of animal biology, nutrition, reproduction, health, and behavior, with a practical emphasis on livestock management. Students learn about different species of animals, including swine, cattle, poultry, and companion animals, and gain hands-on experience in areas such as animal handling, breeding, and health management.

The Crop Science minor complements the Animal Science major by providing students with knowledge and skills related to crop production, plant physiology, soil science, pest management, and agricultural economics. Students learn about different crop types, agronomic practices, and sustainable farming techniques.


Filed Swine Technician @ MJ Agri Supply
Jul 2018 — Mar 2024

A field swine technician is a professional responsible for providing on-site support and services related to swine production. Their primary duties include monitoring the health and well-being of swine, implementing breeding programs, managing reproduction, and ensuring proper nutrition and care. Field swine technicians also oversee biosecurity protocols, assist with record-keeping, and may provide guidance to farm staff on best practices for swine management. Additionally, they may collaborate with veterinarians and other experts to address health issues and improve production efficiency. This role requires a strong understanding of swine behavior, health, and production practices, as well as excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

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